About Semiquaver Music

Success is the Best Motivation

Semiquaver Music promotes and publishes music for student orchestras that presents exciting, original music, with educational benefits, that is technically accessible for all students and results in a successful performance.

With success comes the motivation for more success.

We have grouped the music into three categories – Elementary (Beginner to Level One and a half), Intermediate (Level Two to Two and a half) and Advanced (Level Three and higher).

The Beginning Strings works, First Finger Suite, First Finger Pachelbel, Butterflies on the Breeze and A Cotton Candy Rag (all published by Latham Music), Tango Por Uno (published by Ludwig Masters) require students to use their open strings and the first finger of the left hand. This enables the students to enjoy playing on each of the strings of their instrument as early as possible without too much demanded of the left hand’s technical ability.

Students then progress to the remaining pieces for the Beginning Strings level which introduce them to slightly more difficult work. As Evening Falls, Wumberling Wombat, Gulpy the Goldfish, Grasshopper Chomp,, Caterpillar Holiday and Roaches in the Pantry are all very technically accessible for students in their early years of learning.

The Developing Strings works, Sandy Beside The Sea (Semiquaver Music) Fiesta, Arpeggio Antics and Ancient Days all include ‘easy’ parts for students who may not yet be as technically competent. They incorporate techniques such as col legno, harmonics and left hand pizzicato.

Anne’s Concert Strings pieces are for technically proficient ensembles. Moreton Bay , Sakura (Semiquaver Music) Fairly Fugal, Funky and the Bass Cats and Celtic Dreams provide stylistic challenges which help to reinforce prior knowledge gained through ensemble work. Listening and playing together in ensemble, creating a lush, smooth legato and the ability to switch between styles within a piece are some of the challenges presented in performance of these works.

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