Testimonials about Anne Svendsen

Anne Sevendsen Semiquaver Music

“I really enjoy hearing your own arrangements at performance evenings”

Therese O’Brien, String Teacher, Ed Qld May 9, 2020

I always derive pleasure from watching you work. You bring to the concert platform a discipline….as well as a ‘no nonsense’ technique which brings a clarity of attack and release to your ensemble….Lovely command of dynamic contrast….You richly deserved the applause you received”

Henry Howell, professional vocalist and teacher and parent. May 9, 2020

“Anne was extremely professional, giving freely of her time and expertise. Under her musical direction, our string orchestra developed a beautiful sound and the students gained invaluable ensemble experience”

Anna Osborn, Arts Head of Department, Co-Ordinator for String Workshops, Tannum Sands State High School. May 9, 2020

“ Wherever you go, I am sure that your reputation will continue to develop as an excellent teacher of strings, particularly in your work with young students, whose special demands you are so obviously able to meet”

Dr Helen Lancaster, founder and director of the Queensland Conservatorium Music School for gifted young musicians May 9, 2020

“ Anne has shown….a special affinity with teaching the very young. She displays real originality and enterprise”

John Curro AM MBE May 9, 2020

“I commend you (Anne) for the contributions you continue to make to the profession”

Dr Sandra Dackow May 9, 2020

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