Fairly Fugal

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Fairly Fugal
Editor’s Choice – J. W. Pepper Catalogue
Set Piece A Grade
MusicFest, Brisbane

This contemporary work begins with a slow introduction that has the effect of creating dramatic tension. It builds even more as the music changes to an allegro section rich in canonic imitation, where every section must play its part equally. It is not a fugue in the strictest sense of the word, hence the title “Fairly Fugal,” but it is a very exciting work for maturing string orchestras!

Testimonials about Fairly Fugal

“This is a well-written and scored work.”

The Instrumentalist, April 2005 May 9, 2020

“The work … has an arc and a structural logic that is missing in much educational music. I commend (Anne) for the contribution she continues to make to the profession.”

Dr Sandra Dackow April 9, 2005

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