Beginning Strings

This catalogue provides music for the early beginner to developing string orchestra and focuses on helping the students to acquire an awareness of intonation, rhythm and ensemble and the discipline that is required when playing as part of an ensemble.

The works use simple rhythms and notes that are familiar to the beginner string player. However the music aims to inspire and promote a joy of playing music as a group resulting in a successful performance experience that ‘sounds great’.

Success is the Best Motivation

The works, First Finger Suite, First Finger Pachelbel, Tango Por Uno, Butterflies on the Breeze and A Cotton Candy Rag (all published by Latham Music), require students to use their open strings and the first finger of the left hand. This enables the students to enjoy playing on each of the strings of their instrument as early as possible without too much demanded of the left hand’s technical ability.

Students then progress to the remaining pieces for the Beginning Strings  level which introduce them to slightly more difficult work. Debut concert for Strings, As Evening Falls, Wumberling Wombat, Gulpy the Goldfish, Grasshopper Chomp, Caterpillar Holiday and Roaches in the Pantry are all very technically accessible for students in their early years of learning.

To find the pieces mentioned just follow the links in the ‘Beginning Strings’ menu above

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