Debut Concert for Strings

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Debut Concert for Strings is a collection of eight short pieces composed specifically foryour beginner string ensemble. Scores are graded from easy first finger and pizzicato work through to harder faster-paced pieces. These works incorporate notes, rhythms, and time signatures encountered during your students’ first year of learning. Debut Concert providesyour ensemble withmany different musical styles to explore. This collection is aimed at students who have the skills to engage in an initial ensemble experience. Depending on the skill level of your ensemble, introducing Debut Concert is recommended during their first year, or at the start of their second year of learning. All works have been “rehearsal room tested” to ensure their pedagogical strength and student, teacher and audience appeal.

The pieces in the collection are: Wonky Tonks, In My Boat of Dreams, Little Koto-San, Can You See, The Mechanical Doll, Waltz The Bow, Around The Stick Men, Pete’s Pickled Polka.

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